Our Philosophy

Not a long-lost ancient culture suddenly hooked on the trend. Karudaa Coirs was traditionally born into a farming family. The brand has lasted through the ideology and ethnicity of the past three decades. We are deeply rooted in farming and its modern benefits. Based on Pollachi, we are tightly rooted in natural farming on a large scale. We are very much inspired by the natural living that we try to bind with today’s modern lifestyle. With simplicity and stillness aligned with regenerative agriculture, our motto is to imbibe the traditional roots into today's lives. A simple step is to act and lead a life in harmony with nature. Showing kindness to all living beings.
Best Cocopeat


Making hay while the sun shines: almost 70% of our products are coir-based. The better it is in place, the better and stronger our products sustain.
From using it in natural potting methods to being manure, coir is our source of light, contributing to its potential for modern yet sustainable living.

Best Desi cow manure


Through organic cattle rearing, we ensure to breed pure extract, avoiding any kind of artificial processing. Cattle are not just our sources of raw material; instead, they have significance in our culture, and we value them. Our cattle are livestock beyond humans, who are holy divine and a durable input for our products.

Potting soil


We, Karudaa Coirs, are very keen on breeding and building a sustainable lifestyle amidst the modern chaos. Intruding the concept of green living improves sustainability and quality of life. Moving into Western adoptions, astep with green gardens in your locality can bring a lot of betterment to our society.

Introducing the concept of building
modern villages that are equipped and very much acceptable and understandable
today. The threatening need to improve the quality of life is here, and we
contribute with our qualified products.